What am I taking?

To be honest, I’ve taken so much crap on the last two trips, cos “just in case”.  I now know that with my budget I can afford a 2/3 star hotel every night (I’m working on about 100 Euros per day for everything), and I also know that it’s very unlikely that I’ll have to sleep rough, or camp – hotels and rooms are readily available everywhere. Soooo – No camping gear or cooking gear.

My Trek comes. He’s a beautiful machine;  I’ve had him 14 years now, and like Grandads’ axe, he has been constantly upgraded; new wheels, cable brakes instead of hydraulics (easier to fix), new saddle and bars, replacement shocks. The only original element is the grey frame; every other component has been replaced.

This means that the front panniers can go, as can the sleeping mat shown above.

The back panniers stay. One has clothing and electronics, the other bike gear, food, lights and locks, and washing/hygiene stuff.


2 pairs of nicks, each with a different chamois pattern (to save chafing).

Compression leggings.

2 Bike shirts.

1 pair of cleated bike shoes.

4 pairs of bike socks.

A light weight rain jacket.

A pair of decent sneakers.

The rest of the clothing is for off-bike use; A pair of long pants, a pair of shorts, “normal” shoes, three T-shirts, one long sleeved collared shirt, three pairs of underpants, and a light cotton long sleeved sweater.

Bike Gear

Two spare tubes, A foldup spare tyre, a puncture kit, bike tools, chain splitter, chain lube, camel back, helmet, front and rear lights, a good pump, and a light bike chain and lock.. I’m also taking some cable ties and a couple of octopus straps. When I get to Athens, I’ll buy a heavyweight bike lock. I’m also taking my Garmin, to keep track of my riding.

Personal Care Gear

soap, shampoo, toothpaste and brush, deodorant, washing powder, a few pegs and a short drying line. A good first aid kit. I’m taking my cholesterol medication and some blood thinning tablets my doctor insists I take regularly.


No phone. I’ve not needed one in the past, and have had no success with European sims. They tend to be expensive, and I’ve not found one that works in more than one country. But – I am taking an android tablet, loaded with off-line maps, a notepad running Windows 10, a small camera, and a couple of European plug adapters with USB ports.


And that’s it. With the bike stripped down and packed in to a cardboard bike box, along with one pannier full of clothing to help pad it, I’ve got 25 Kg of stuff. The other pannier I carry as hand luggage, with 7 Kg of clothes and equipment, including all the electronics. If I find I’m missing something, I’ll buy it on the road.

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