Day 5 – Nikolaida to Rio

Breakfast in the hotel – first time in Greece. For that fact only, it’s worth a three. Sweetened OJ,  luke warm coffee in a flask, three types of bread, two types of sliced meat, sliced cheese, and various prepackaged jams. as I hadn’t eaten since yesterday lunchtime – and then only a salad roll, I ate heaps of the bread and cheese. I washed it down with two glasses of the OJ, and a coffee. Paid the bill, and hit the road.

The weather forecast was for showers early, building to a thunderstorm mid-afternoon  so my plan was to get to Rio, then find a hotel.

The ride wasn’t as pretty as yesterday, as the road moved inland, bypassing the villages that hug the coast. The old road also struggles alongside the new (motorway) road,  suffering from poor-to-no signage, as the motorway is not quite complete there are huge unfinished road works so I frequently found myself directed to the motorway on-ramp, and then struggling to find where the old road went, or led onto roads that narrowed to lanes, then tracks, and finished at the sea…… It led to a couple of interesting side trips, and some great conversations with people who spoke as much English as I do Greek. Still – it’s all part of the journey, and I’m not in a rush.

There was a steadily increasing headwind, and around 10ish the showers started, along with a temperature drop. Not too bad, but I put on a rain jacket. Apparently wind around here is often up around the 70 Kph mark; The Gulf of Patras, where the Med hits the Ionian sea funnels the wind a bit. So – progress was slow.

It’s also Easter Monday, so nothing is open except coffee shops and petrol stations, so I found nowhere to eat; breakfast started to look like a long time ago. After getting lost a few times, I hit Rio, where I get onto the bridge


back to mainland Greece. The rain was getting heavier, as you can see in the photo, so I pulled into the Hotel George and booked a room. Not quite 50km today, but it was heavy going. Still fun – all miles are :), but I didn’t want to go over the bridge in the wind and rain.

Here’s the trip:


See you down the road.



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