Day 12 – Fier to Lushnje


There are days when your body says “enough”. This morning was one such – I’ve had a couple of solid days in the mountains, underdressed (I did not expect near zero temperatures in late April – I’ll remember that next time) and a much longer day yesterday than my body is ready for.

After breakfast, (I’ll give it a 5. I first rocked up at what I thought was 7:30am, but somewhere I’ve missed a time zone – it was 6:30 local time… I got a cappuccino and went back to pack up. Breakfast was a toasted ham and cheese sandwich – I pulled the ham out, but I’m sure I could still taste it – Two sausages and two fried eggs; a side of bread, and a glass of juice. No room for vegetarians here much) I then sat down and had a serious chat, mind to meat. And we compromised – a short ride, just to keep things moving, to the next town with accommodation – Lushjne,

And the meat was right; leaden legs, sore knee, saddle-sore groin – it was just letting me know it wasn’t happy. 30km was enough today; the dual carriageway did not have the one metre white line, and traffic was heavy, moving fast, and made me nervous; I don’t like mixing with fast moving traffic.

There is only one hotel that shows up in Lushjne; Pilo Lala. Nice enough, but basic as it gets. It has all I need though; hot shower, clean sheets. My bike is parked in the dining area (there is a restaurant on the ground floor). I did my laundry; socks, jocks, cotton jumper, bike knicks and shirts, then walked the centre.

Surprisingly Canberra-esque. It’s an islamic/christian country, about 50/50, yet I saw very little full on Muslim dress; head scarves here and there, but only three women in a couple of hours strolling in the full rig. Jeans, T-shirts, skirts – the women were just as those you’d see in any Canberra centre. Blokes the same. Lots of pawn shops. I checked out earrings, but the local taste is very much tawdry and glittery; nothing of interest to me at all. Lots of tiny pop-ups; people selling whatever – clothes, tatty jewelry, fruit, sunglasses, etc, but nothing handmade, or ethnic. It’s not a touristy sort of place.

Several interesting statues :-


“They’ll not nick the broccoli while we’re here, Doris”


Pond was dry.





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