Day 18 – Bar to Tivat



Keep confusing my seas – sorry. The one I’m cycling along now is the Adriatic; the Aegean is the one down a bit and around the corner, between Greece and Turkey. Sorry about that.

Last night’s dinner – for want of a better word – was two cheese and cucumber rolls and an apple – I’m thinking that the woman behind the counter, who I watched make the rolls, wasn’t crash hot on hand hygiene – rumbling guts, and I felt like I was going to throw up – I didn’t, but all day I was close to it. doesn’t make for a great riding experience.Breakfast was on at 8:00 – I’d got ready for the road by then. An omelette, a cup of coffee grounds, and bread and cheese. I skipped it, and stopped at another mini-market and bought a couple of bananas and OJ. Then hit the M2 North, and into the first climb of the day. Lots of tourists about, and lots of big tourist buses. It’s the May Day long weekend, the weather was OK, and people were taking a break. Slow grinding on the bike. Good views though-


Then the tunnels… lots of This one is noteworthy because directly above it is The Tunnel Sozena, the longest road tunnel in the country. The one facing me was only 168 metres long.


But I still got off, hugged the right wall, and walked it. They are just wide enough for two trucks to pass, and the noise is both deafening and terrifying. There are no lights, either, so it’s quite black in the middle. And I hit about a dozen of these; the longest was 350 metres.

So; lots and lots of climbing, seemed to be more of that than downhills. I spent over two hours pushing uphill and through tunnels – time not included by my Garmin.

Stopped in a small village and ate two more bananas and a can of coke. That’s the first can of coke for me in decades.

Saw 3-4 long-haul cyclists today; all grinning ear to ear – Well, it is fun, honest 🙂

I had intended to stop in Budva, but somehow missed the town name signs at each end of the town: next thing I knew I’d swung away from the coast, and was on a long, very gentle run towards Tivat – I’ll catch a ferry here across the Bay of Kotor (it’s about  100 metres, is all – saves me a few Km of hills following the edge of the bay.

One of the problems of hitting a major tourist centre in the middle of a long weekend is accommodation. I found a room, in a 4 star pub – 55 Euros. Still, it’s got a great shower.

Guts still rumbling, and boy, did I give my quads a workout today? Yes.

I’ll grab another hot shower and drink my Lipton’s iced tea. Hopefully I’ll be ready to eat by breakfast.

See you down the road.




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