Day 19 – Tivat to Cilipi


Yeah, I know. Cilipi? It’s about 20 km shy of Dubrovnic.

Remember the sandwiches from two days back? Well, they got me this morning. A massive gastro attack. After a while, when I thought I was safe, I showered and went back to bed for an hour. Another attack, but my body was drained; I showered again, dressed, and went down for breakfast. Had a glass of OJ and a croissant, and barely made it back to my room  before I threw up.

I decided I’d head for Dubrovnic and bail up there. Showered again, packed up and headed for the ferry. It saves several Km of cycling around the bay


The ferry crosses at the narrow bit between Donji and Kostanjica, and is 1 Euro for cyclists; the ferries run as soon as they are full, which doesn’t take long. Mine had two tour buses, a couple of semi trailers, a few vans and small trucks, and about a dozen cars. The crossing takes about five minutes. Then a long, steady climb – starts out gentle, but steepens – towards Herceg Novi.  Dunno why – the castle dates waaaaay back. I pushed more than I needed to, as I was running on empty – didn’t dare eat, and was sipping water carefully.

A huge descent to Igalo, then another long climb up to the border. Again, it starts gently, but it steepens towards the top. I pushed some. There’s a 300 metre gap between Monte Negro’s customs and Croatia’s – I wonder who owns the strip in between? No hassles at either – pedalled to the front of the waiting cars, and on my way.

Pretty shattered by now, and there’s another climb from the Croatian border up to a crest, then a steady flattish ridge road towards Dubrovnic. I was totally running on empty, and there was still 20km to go. I stopped at the first hotel I saw, in Cilipi. showered, and crashed for 3 hours. The wiki post tells you all you need to know about Cilipi 🙂

I showered and ate – fish soup, pasta and parmesan, with a g;lass of OJ. Guts are grumbling, but so far so good 🙂

I’ll make Dubrovnic tomorrow – three days later than intended. No rush though,

See you down the road.



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