Day 23 – Ancona to Senigallia



I’d booked a cabin for the ferry trip; it guaranteed me a toilet and shower, and a bed; the ferry guide said it can get chilly, and busy, and uncomfortable otherwise. Worth the cash.


There is a bathroom door, honest. The ferry is quite huge; lots of trucks use it as well as tourists, etc.


The smaller one in front is one that goes to Dubrovnic and back. It doesn’t take vehicles, except pushbikes.

I tied my bike up – mine was the only one in the bike bay, took the stairs, got my cabin key, put the gear in and had a quick wander around the ship. A restaurant at one end – aft, with a cocktail bar on the deck above, and a huge bar forrard. On the deck below those who don’t book cabins take pot luck with aircraft type seats, or for 55 Euro get a slightly larger, reclining one. Steerage class just sit in a huge lounge, with a giant telly at each end. It did not look comfortable.

The boat sailed on time; it was almost dark, so I was in my cabin, and only knew we’d left Split because the boat started to roll very gently; it lulled me to sleep, and I woke at 6:00 am – a steward was knocking on the door, calling cabin users up to breakfast – not available to the hoi polloi until 6:30, and then at an extra cost.

A good breakfast. Muesli, two glasses of OJ, a plate of scrambled eggs, toast and coffee. No worries keeping it down, either. I’d rate it a 6.

Into Ancona just after 7:00 am; a typical Latin disembarkation process – i.e. non – passengers sauntering off between buses and giant trucks, no order, no control; chaos at the customs/border control office – one person in a cubicle with a PC, and several officials dashing hither and yon, taking passports to her, and returning them. No queue – just so typically Italian it made me chuckle. Inside. Never be seen chuckling at borders crossings, Alan.

Once through – no issues there – I stopped and thunk. No way could I book into an hotel this early, and I’d just been fed; once away from the dockside it was too early for much to be open, either. I’d not had a ride for a couple of days, so I headed north towards Senigallia, about 30 km away. At a gentle pace. Typical docklands mess getting away – trucks, buses, tourist vehicles and town traffic all jostling for the first couple of km, then I was in the suburbs, on a reasonable road, with a fair cycle space, marked with a white line.

I got a little lost at one point (tried to buy a paper map at several petrol stations, and they didn’t have any – sat nav is destroying another industry), but not for long.

Into the town centre, wandered the old town – pretty place, but packed with primary school children – an educational science fair was set up, with several open marquees as classrooms, and literally hundreds of kids cavorting everywhere, with teachers and aides trying, unsuccessfully, to control them. So no photos, except this one of the old palace/castle.


I found the Hotel Trieste down a quiet side street, and booked in. Very weary; I’m weaker than I thought. I had lunch in the hotel – shrimp in pesto, (surprisingly tasty) with pasta, bread and lots of water, then a snooze. I’ve spent a couple of hours sorting out luggage, and not really doing much; I’ve vaguely planned tomorrows route, but very vaguely; I’ll get somewhere.

I’ve booked dinner here too; then an early night. Again 🙂

See you down the road.



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