Day 26 – Rest day, Citta di Castello

My rear wheel is totalled. There is a local bike shop,and I took the wheel to him; his English was as bad as my Italian, but we worked it out – he took me to a much bigger bike shop,which was shut; he then dropped me back at the hotel, and I booked another night on the assumption that I’d not get the wheel done for at least a day, with an option on a third.

Citta di’ is a very small city – not much of note; tiny, tiny streets, grey and dirty buildings, and on a damp day, not very exciting. I had a coffee in the main square, and basically wrote the day off. I wandered some more, had lunch in a small cafe – white vegie pizza – and made my way back to the hotel, where I found a brand new wheel. The bike shop bloke had built me a new one; and very nice it is. It was 2:00 pm – I walked to the bike shop, gave him a hug, and paid his price – 95 Euro. Seemed like a bargain. My bike is becoming quite international; I had the rear derailleur and cables replaced in Croatia two years back, and now a new rear wheel in Italy.

So;’ An early night. On the road tomorrow to Arezzo and beyond.


See you down the road.



One thought on “Day 26 – Rest day, Citta di Castello

  1. seems to me you have met a couple of really good people, that wonderful gal and then the chappie from the bike shop. rest, eat more and be careful, love you loads xx


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