Day 29 – Asciano to Colle Di Val d’elsa


The three hours thirty six doesn’t include the hour’s pushing uphill…….

Breakfast was even more ordinary than previous breakfasts:  One type of sliced meat (not my style, but there are usually at least three); Muesli – no other cereal – one type of cake, an unidentifiable juice,and coffee. Definitely a one; and this is a hotel that prides itself on catering for cyclists. I call bullshit.

i dropped into Asciano  last night (Ash -eee – aarno) from the L’ Eroica trail, and had to climb out towards Arbia, and then Siena.

My legs are now used to climbs, but this was a brute. Up,and up; like a Rosella’s flight – two wing beats up. then dip, then three beats up, and dip – repeat. Around a curve, and up again; a couple of false flats, then up some more. My heart beat as fast as it has since I first saw Rosalie……



It was a great test for my legs – they let me down on one stretch, which was 18% – I don’t blame them, either.

Showers, supposedly, yet I had sunshine all day. A moments distraction when I hit Arbia, about 8 km short of Siena; all signs pushed me towards the Autostrada, but I stopped in a cafe on Via Principalia, which told me I was OK, then a strenuous climb up to, and through, Siena.

At a crest out of the city I stopped to check my map ( – installed and pre loaded on my tablet – they are brilliant) and found I was bang on track. That’s a first…..

SR2 towards Monteriggioni, and on to Calle Di Val d’Elsa. Fantastic (in spite of the hills) days cycling (did I mention the hills?).


Found a pub. Had lunch

lnchThen back to the hotel. Did some washing, watched the Giro. Go BMC!!!

Only 50 km today – but I’d add 20% ‘cos hills. I’ll sleep well.

See you down the road.

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