Day 37 – Genoa – Rest day 3

That’s enough rest days, really. Woke this morning to heavy rain, so took my time getting up.  Showered and went down to breakfast around 8:30 – first one there – most hostellers are 40 or so years younger than me, and keep late nights, and later mornings. More fool them.  Muesli, coffee, juice and jammy toast, then back to my room; cleaned my teeth and read until 10:30, when the rain turned to showers.

I walked to the nearby church, which is, to my naive eye, is on a par with the Cistine chapel – amazingly painted marble masterpiece, painted, sculpted and built by the best Genoa had to offer back in the day – and they were damned good. Typical church overkill/overwhelem stuff, but quite beautiful.  Janeen has to undergo more chemo, so I lit a candle for her – you never know, and it gave me a minutes meditation, which I’m sure helps – and put 5 Euro in the poor box.

Feeling suitably saintly, I walked up to the Piazza Ferrari, and caught the tourist bus again – yesterday’s ticket was valid for 48 hours – and repeated the loop – sitting on the other side of the bus this time. No rain, fortunately. Once back at the old port I jumped off, and headed to the fish shop in the old port – fried calamari… hmmm… better than heroin. And cheaper!

More walking/gawping. In and out of many of the notable buildings – tried to avoid the tourist groups and school tours – which are everywhere…..

Astomishing architecture everywhere – mostly built in the 16th and 17th centuries; all by hand or at best, animal power. It’s almost unbelievable that it was possible to build this stuff, and for it still to be in use today.

Around 4:00pm I went and picked up my bike – cleaned and oiled, new brake pads – 25 Euro. Canberra bike shop prices are at least triple these guys over here.

The two lasses who sorted out my accommodation, and who cooked for me the first night, were on duty – I’d asked what was for dinner, but they were cooking ribs, so I declined – but I bought them a 500 ml bottle of chianti, and three chocolate bites each for their dessert. They were pretty pleased….

Back into town for dinner, eaten as I walked the narrows – olive pizza, and a slice of ultra thin cheese and onion pizza – yum. I’ll miss this food…..

I walked back to the hostel with a half bottle of chianti, which I’ve drunk whilst typing – all errors and omissions are my fault 🙂

See you down the road.



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