Day 40 – Barcelona

I like this place. It needs cheaper accommodation, that’s for sure – but it’s got a definite vibe.

Up at 6:30. And  – shock, horror!!! for 107 Euro a night, they don’t even provide breakfast. Appalling. A big – 10 points. They even had the hide to give me a 15% discount voucher for a cafe around the corner; I went, and their idea of breakfast was a choice of bacon, sausage and egg, or cofee and croissant. I chose the latter – the discount saved me 20 cents, which I left as a tip.

I walked up to the cathedral, then walked the “gothic” part of the old town, and got back to the tourist bureau in front of the cathedral at 9:00 am – just as they opened, though it was ten minutes before anyone appeared at the information counter. I bought a map ( 1 Euro) and entrance to the Sagrada Familia, and Park Guell (25 Euro). They are both timed – I chose 3:00 for the Sagrada, and 6:00 for park Guell – it’s a fair hike, and all uphill. Oh – and if you’re not there ontime (they do give you a 15 minute window – not before, but after) tough.

Back to the hotel – checked mail, put some photos up – then out at 10:30, heading slowly towards Sagrada Familia. I found a cafe near the SF, and had lunch – the spaghetti and prawns came in a curry sauce,


which was interesting; but the beer was icy cold and good – another warm day, and I’d been walking for hours.

The Sagrada Familia is a very special building. I won’t try to describe it. Look it up online, or come yourself; but be ready for massive crowds….Did I mention the massive crowds? Well, let me tell you – they are massive….


From there an almost endless uphill walk to Park Guell – more like park GrUELLing 🙂 – hmm – that didn’t work as well as I thought….

Even busier than SF; as it’s a park and garden, they seem to let more tourists in – all it does is spoil it, I reckon. People everywhere taking selfies or snaps of others – standing in mobs in front of the interesting stuff – I didn’t rate it. A nice view over Barcelona, though….


A bit disappointed, I walked back to the old town – downhill, and much easier than going up.  I walked the length of PG de Sant Joan;


it’s like an endless park running between a dual carriageway – bike paths, kids playgrounds, bocce pitches, dog runs, shady places to sit – a really pleasant place to be. But still, a long walk.


Back in the old town I found a paella bar, and had – you guessed it – seafood paella and a flask of red. The paella was not a patch on last nights, but was OK….


Back to the pub. I’ve emailed Rosalie, got this up to date, and will spend 30 minutes checking my way out of here before I crash – I’ll get lost regardless, but won’t feel so bad about it if I make the effort to plan 🙂 I’ve had nearly twelve hours walking today, and am shattered.  Bed is calling.

See you down the road.

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