Day 42 – Comarruga to Cambrils


A cooked breakfast – the first since, well, forever, it seems. I didn’t indulge – fried eggs, fried sausages, fried (and very greasy) bacon, and fried churros, It did not appeal. Grabbed a bowl of muesli, ice cold milk, ditto OJ, and a couple of croissants – all I could manage after last nights fish and pasta.

Lots of sunscreen on – hot and humid, and clear skies again – and hit the road around 8:30. I followed minor roads for a while, with gentle climbs and falls, but started to get some pain on the inside of my right knee. It actually started yesterday, but was so minor as not to be worth mentioning, but it got steadily more painful – like a needle jabbing in, every time my knee flexed.

So – my plan changed – I hit the AP-7, a dual carriageway, into Tarragona. A big, wide verge for cyclists, separated by a white line and a corrugated strip from the main roadway, and I made a big mile. Not scenic, but fairly level, and faster than meandering – the motorway runs parallel to it, so traffic wasn’t too heavy – just had to be careful around filter lanes. Took a wrong exit at Tarragona, and had to do a loop out to Reus and back, but managed to limp into Cambrils early afternoon. The knee isn’t swollen, and looks normal, and is fine to touch – no bruising, so it isn’t a muscle tear.

Found a decent pub – Hotel Olimar II – quite resorty; but it was this or 4 star at 130 euro a night – his place is just a bit more than that for two nights, and includes breakfast and dinner. I’ll see tonight how good the food is.

The hotel comprises three big apartment blocks; mine has a lounge with a very tiny kitchen, a double bedroom and ensuite – there are families here, so I assume some aprtments are bigger than one bedroom. They form three sides of a square, with a pool, bar and restaurant making the fourth – there’s a large grassy area full of people sunbathing. Lots of kids in the pool, so it’s quite noisy.

I’ve booked for two nights in the hope that the knee will sort itself out; we’ll see how that goes. There is a railway station as a contingency – Hopefully I won’t need to use it.

See you down the road.

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