Day 45 – Cambrils, again

The Hotel Vila Mar is fine; like most I’ve stayed at though, it doesn’t do curtains well;  in the middle of the night there is enough light coming through the (closed) curtains to read by. Breakfast was fine – no muesli, so a huge bowl of some honey flavoured cereal, plus two croissants, OJ and coffee. Back to my room; showered, and got ready for the day. I made sure the camera was working properly this time.

A walk North first, back towards the old town, mainly to work out how to get onto N-340 tomorrow Hopefully I’ve got that sorted. Then up to the North Gate – dates to 1300, give or take a weekend;



Then a walk down through the old town again.


Down to La Llosa, the remnants of  a Roman Villa, dating back to 100 AD – again, give or take a weekend. This area is another of the early Roman Empire’s granaries, vineyards and vegetable farms – nothing much has changed in 2,000 years; it is still a mainly agrarian area, with the added gloss of contemporary tourism. Back through the tourist district, stopped for lunch – another seafood platter, then to the hotel for a rest – walking today is much easier than it was yesterday. Back out; bought some chain lubricant, then went to a supermarket, and bought a baguette, some sliced local cheese, a cucumber, and a half bottle of Rioja. That’s dinner – there’s a delayed telecast of the UK premier league final, so I’ll eat and watch that in my room.

I got a surprise email from the hotel – they’ve discounted my room by 50 Euros – I’m the first Australian ever to stay here, and the owner is also (when he gets the chance) a distance cyclist. Nice things happen, and I’m certainly getting my share lately – though if I’d known earlier I might have bought two cucumbers :).

Footies calling.

See you down the road.


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