Day 46 – Cambrils to Amposta


Awake at 7:00 – showered, packed, and ready for the road by 8:00 am – dunno why, as I’m in no rush, and do not intend to cycle more than 70 Km today. I think it’s my body – after 4 days rest it’s like a young puppy – want’s to leap, bound, and run, and play ball – I just hope it draws the line at humping old lady’s legs in the street 🙂

Breakfast was two croissants, a huge bowl of (puffed wheat? puffed oats? dunno) soaked in a honey sugar mix – way more of a rush than you get from muesli, but it doesn’t last half as long… A glass of OJ, and a cup of coffee. Down to reception to settle up – my final bill was for 29 Euro. The agreed price for two nights B&B was 164 Euro – how they gave me such an enormous discount (or why) amazes me – it must be below cost; I paid, and hit the road.

Up along the river, left onto Avenida La Llosa, follow that to the end,  chuck a left onto N-340 – and off we go. Theres a red-painted cycle lane, the sun is shining, and no wind – plus a flattish track. Perfecto 🙂

No aches or pains, either – I’m not working the knee hard, but it’s not giving me any vibes – and the rest of the body is in fine fettle. lungs, hips, back – all the old man bits that go first – are on song, enjoying the day.

Which is glorious. Sunny, 8/8ths blue, birdsong and floral scents – I keep expecting Jiminny Cricket to burst into song around the next bend. I’m cycling the N-340. About 500 metres North is the A7, a dual carriageway that follows the same route; a further 300 metres North is the Motorway, which also follows the same route – don’t ask me why we have three roads all doing the same stuff; I’m just grateful as it means the N-340 is lightly travelled.

I stopped at 35 km for a cold drink, and again at 50 km. A couple of small national parks force the road away from the coast, so the next chance for me to stop is at Amposta, on the Ebre river delta.  Trust me, it’s the real thing….Spain’s rice bowl. I’ve ridden 66 km, and could have done more, but the rule is (currently, cos injuries) 60 Km or 2:00 pm – start looking for a hotel.


Once over the Ebre, I found the HCC Montsia. It’s part of a chain, so no local colour, but is clean and cheerful – it also offers breakfast from 7:00 am – which could give me an early start – nah. ‘m in no rush.

I booked in – the lass at reception (Bernadette) had “done” Australia in a van just three years ago, so was really happy to chat – had a shower, washed today’s and yesterday’s gear, and walked the town. Nothing really worth a photo; no churches of note, the castle is a few Km down the delta, and the town itself is like most small towns on a Sunday afternoon – quiet.


I found a restaurant, full of families, on Avinguda de la Rapita, so walked in. Seafood salad, followed by spaghetti marinara, in a cream sauce – no tomato. Two glasses of red, and back here, to the hotel; well fed, and relaxed.

There is a canal outside my window, which takes water from the Ebre to the rice paddies; it’s flowing fairly quickly, and young boys (all boys, no girls) are jumping in and being washed rapidly away. That’s why women live longer folks 🙂


It’s 7:00 pm. I’ll take another walk, then read and crash; tomorrow I’ll follow the N-340 further South. Dunno how far.

See you down the road.




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