Day 49 – Oropresa to La Val d’Uixo


Well; what a resort.  Here’s the view from my room.


People come here for their holidays, and most never step outside; there’s no need. huge swimming pools, lots of entertainment, kid’s clubs, meals catered for, three different bars, and free wine, beer and soft drinks with dinner. Dinner was OK – a buffet, but there were lots of salads, three different types of fish, tons of meat, hot chips, baked potatoes, rice, pasta, steaks, hamburgers – something for everyone. I had lots of fish with rice salad, and a couple of glasses of red (vino tinto), and a plate of profiteroles (real cream and chocolate) and a coffee for dessert, watching people eat.

This is not my idea of a holiday at all; its just gross consumerism at its worst. No interaction with the people, the locale, the environment, there is no concept of place, or involvement; no investment of time, self or energy into stuff – just endless self indulgence. Hell is paved with the souls of people who use these places. At least some locals get a job – but really?

I left around 8:30, full, and was the first to leave. People take meals seriously here – it’s as much a social occasion as a meal time.

I slept really well,  up at 7:00am – just as Rosalie rang. We chatted, then I jumped in the shower (best bathroom yet – the showerhead was about a metre square and dropped water like it was a monsoon in a rainforest. Brilliant! Packed up, dressed and went down for breakfast.

Still pretty full from dinner, so just a big bowl of cornflakes, two glasses of OJ and a croissant – i took an apple for ‘ron. Everyone else was into breakfast in a big way; bacon, sausages, eggs, pork, churros, beans, pancakes, omelettes – a massive array of hot food, and an equally large one of cakes, biscuits and croissants. The only cereal on offer was cornflakes though…..

On the road before 9:00 am. Back to the seashore,


and South West along the promenade; at the end, cut across the headland going the wrong up Calle Teruel (the one way system is obscure, and I’d definitely have got lost); half way along Playa de la Concha I joined the Via Verde; it runs along an old railway line to Benicassim, which is great;  through tunnels and cuttings – it’s almost perfectly level, and is well used by cyclists and walkers. More pirate lookout towers – must have been a big issue, back in the day; these are serious buildings.


At Benicassim it becomes a cycle path that loops around the town, away from the beaches; the bike path took me all the way to Castellon, where it disappeared for a while, but the route was easy to follow – just kept taking the roads pointing to Almassora.

I picked up the bike path again there, left it to have a quick look and a drink in Burriana, and it goes all the way to Sagunto, and maybe beyond.  I say that, but I don’t know for certain, as I stopped here, in La Val d’Uixo. The Hotel Belcaire was really handy, it was after 2:00 pm, and I’d done enough – a really hot and humid day.

I’ve had a cool shower, bought and drunk a litre of cold OJ, and am now writing this.

I’ve checked my distances and routes – so far, I’ve done this much Spain:-


Looks  OK, but…


There’s 2,500+ km to go if I follow my planned route around the edge, through Portugal, and back up North and East to Santander.  I don’t have the time – and, to be honest, having had a solid taste of the tourist coast up here, where it’s in its infancy compared to Malaga and beyond, I don’t really have the inclination; Here’s why – it’s too true; Enoch Powell did speak seven languages….. Plus I want to spend some time with my UK family, most of whom live in Kent.  If I averaged 100 km a day – unlikely, as I’ve been managing around 50-and-a-bit so far, I’d get to Santander by the end of June. More realistically, it’d be mid to late July; I’d get to the UK just in time to fly back to Australia.

As I’ve not been here before, it’s all new experience,  So….. I’m heading away from the coast, making for Zaragoza, initially. That’s about a week’s travel – some hills in there. Once there, I’ll plan the next few days. I’d like to get the ferry from Santander to Southampton around the end of the month. Sorry, Portugal.

See you down the road.


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