Day 51 – Segorbe to Montanejos

Last night’s hotel restaurant was supposed to open at 8:00 pm for dinner – when I went down, I was told it wouldn’t open till 9:00pm. The Spanish like to eat late, that’s for sure. I was starving – hadn’t eaten since my very average breakfast in Segorbe, so went looking for somewhere to eat. Didn’t find much, so after a couple of blocks around town I found a supermarket, and bought a pre-packed tuna salad, a small baguette,  a couple of cheese slices from the deli, a sweet cake thing, with sliced pears on top, and a half bottle of Rioja. Not a hot meal, but nutritious enough.

I slept well; up at 7:00 am, showered, packed and down for breakfast. Sliced meats and cheeses, several sweet breads and cakes, OJ, coffee and cornflakes. I had a big bowl of cornflakes, half a cup of coffee – it was bitter and awful  – so a couple of cakes and glasses of OJ to wash it down. On the road by 8:00 am.

Downhill out of Segorbe, heading North on CV-213, then CV-212 to Jerica where I picked up the N-234; a steady climb all the way.

I stopped for a cold drink at El Cristo, then carried on – to find the N-234 just ceased; choices were the A-23; a motorway, so not allowed, and a small road , with no signage. I followed it for a while, and came to a junction – the road on the right was labelled CV-211, wih a sign saying Benafer; the road ahead wasn’t labelled, and was almost a track. So I went right, and finished up in Benafer, which is 1 Km North East of Jerica


– which I’d left about an hour or so before. It was a steep climb out too- all that height lost on the drop into Benafar. Bummer. At Benafar I came across the CV-195, which went North. North is good, so I followed it.

It climbed. and then climbed some more – I should have guessed that, as my map showed towns called Montan, and Montanejos….. The road crested at just over 900 metres,


and then dropped through a valley to Montan, and I carried on to Montaejos, where I found the Hotel Spa Xauen, which had a room, so I booked in. The next town is 20 Km up the road, and it was after 2:00 pm – that’s the rule.Got a great view from my room –


The river runs green, and is warm – there’s a hot spring a couple of Km up the road, and the Hotel has a feed of hot mineral water from it – using the spa starts at 15 Euro extra, so I didn’t bother; the river was warm and smelly enough – I only paddled.

I’m not fussed to be 40 Km East of where I expected to be; my schedule isn’t tight, and I’ve had a great detour and seen some beautiful country. My offline maps are not always the best guide, but I don’t have a GPS – half the fun of travelling as I am is getting misplaced – there’s no immediate rush, and everywhere I end up is new to me. It’s an adventure, people 🙂


I’ll make my way back Westward tomorrow, and then continue North.

Dinner in the Hotel starts at 8:30. I hope the foods good 🙂

See you down the road.

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