Day 58 – Zaragoza

No cycling today; Lots to see and do – in fact, so much that I’ve booked another day here.

The Spanish word for retired people is Jubilados; a term I love. So much better than pensioner, or senior, or Old Fart 🙂 I used my ACT Jubilados card today, and saved Euros everywhere….

The floor to ceiling window in my room has a metal shutter you can raise or lower by pulling a lanyard next to the window; it cuts out 99% of the light, and as my window faces due East, and the church, basilic and cathedral are all floodlit at night, I lowered it so I could sleep. When I tried to raise it this morning, whatever ratchet mechanism there is to keep it open failed; I pulled the lanyard, got the shutter up, and had to wrap the lanyard around the window latch to stop the shutter falling.

Rosalie rang, and we had a chat. Someone got into the i30 and took the USB player and other incosequential, but inconvenience-causing,  items. Bastard.  It’s also our 27th wediing anniversary – which I had, again, forgotten.

Showered, downstairs for breakfast, and told reception about the shutter. Breakfast was a great spread; three huge plates of scrambled eggs, one with spring onion, one with potato, and one with courgette; lots of sliced fruit, croissants, cakes, and cornflakes. There was muesli, bu it was that toasted stuff, which is basically fat and sugar – not a good cereal; even chocolate coated sugar frosty bombs have more nutrition.

So – onion scrambled eggs,  a big bowl of cornflakes, two croissants, coffee and fresh OJ. Awesome start to the day. Back up to my room, and housekeeping had fixed the shutter; new towels, bed made, new shampoo sachets.

I checked my map – still not sure about my route out of here to Huesca – so walked down to the river Ebro, crossed the old bridge


(one lane only, and for traffic coming into town, so I’ll push mu bike over. Sorted out the route (the first three km anyway) , then walked along the West bank, which is all units and car repair places. Funny how there’s always a right and a wrong side when a city straddles a river, or a railway line, or any other major barrier – look at Canberra – everyone feels for the poor sods who live on the South side of the lake 🙂

I crossed over at the next bridge, back next to the Plaza Pilar, and then wandered left and right up the narrow streets, seeing some amazing graffiti


among the usual humdrum crap, heading for the Aljaferia palace.


Magnificent; stonework like lace, moorish architecture overlaid with later Christian elements, all brilliantly restored, and now it’s part museum, part tourist highlight, and part state government’s parliament. 1 Euro for jubilados, with a free audio guide. Younguns have to pay 5 Euro to get in, and 3 for the audio. That took most of the morning; I meandered back towards the hotel via the fresh produce market – flowers, fruit, fish, meat, vegetables, bread; a vibrant, and very busy, building just on the edge of the old town.

I bought some postcards, got to the hotel around 1:30,  Had a long, leisurely lunch while I wrote what are probably the last cards I’ll send, then had a snooze.

I “did” the basilica this afternoon, and a couple of nearby churches; I’m saving the cathedral for tomorrow – there was a long queue to get in, including a few school groups, and there a lot of stuff just South of the Plaza Pilar I haven’t seen yet.

That’s tomorrow’s treat. It’s a great city to visit – I’m loving it’s vibe, and it’s value.

See you down the road.


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