Day 62 – Puente De Sabiñanigo to Liedena

A cyclist got hit by a car and died this morning on the N-330a, one of the roads I rode yesterday… and this morning. I don’t know where exactly, as it was just a news flash on the TV in the bar here. Worrying. There wasn’t the usual wide verge today, but even so, I never felt hassled by traffic – whoever it was must have been really unlucky – especially as there are signs like this everywhere


i stopped at the Hotel Mi Casa yesterday, and found out this morning that is is not quite in Sabinanigo proper. I don’t really care – I was so tired when i got there I was just happy to check in. My bike went in the store-room, and me to the bar for a refreshing ice-cold beer.

My room was fine, but nothing special. Dinner bed and breakfast cost me 65 Euro, which is reasonable. I had a thick vegetable soup as entree, cod, potatoes and beans for  a main, and flan with ice cream as dessert. I could have eaten it twice 🙂

A good nights sleep, up and ready for the road by 8:00 am – breakfast was the usual – cornflakes, croissant, cake, OJ and coffee. Five tables at breakfast; and five languages. Dutch, German, Spanish, French and English. It’s a small world.

I put the panniers on the bike, greased up with sunscreen, and started on the N-330a, which joined the N-330 at Los Allagares, and paralleled the A-23 motorway all the way to Jaca. I reached Jaca in just over an hour. Flat or slightly downhill all the way, the easiest cycling I’ve had in days.

After Jaca the road was renamed the N-240. It still paralleled  the A-23, and was still flat or downhill. This continued to Puenta La Reina de Jaca, where I crossed the river Aragon,


and had to climb for a while, up to Berdun – another of those villages that clings to a hilltop.


The N-240 is part of the Camino de Santiago, an 800+ Km walk. This is the official site – though the previous link gives a more realistic view, I reckon 🙂 As the first review says, for a lot of the time the pilgrims are sharing the verge – I passed several.


A bloody long way to walk, and the accommodation is crappy/ I couldn’t imagine walking that far, mainly on roads, in the Spanish Summer. Yet thousands do….

The N-240 carried on, between the River Aragon valley and the A-23, until it becomes a very large lake – the Embalse de Yesa. The road then goes up and down a bit, as the old N-240 is at the bottom of the lake, and I had to push the Trek up one hill. As it’s a new road, I have no idea why they made it so up-and-down; probably to save money.  This abandoned village sits at the start of the lake –


At the dam wall, some major upgrade is happening – lots of huge trucks, earth movers, graders and such.  I got to Yesa, my planned stop relaxed, not really tired, but hot and thirsty.  I grabbed a beer at the Hostal, and asked for a room – and was told no chance; all rooms for a 5 Km radius had been booked for weeks by the construction workers; the Hostal had even added a row of temporary rooms, portacabin  style, for the workers.

Never mind. The cold beer refreshed me, and I pushed on – Ten Km down the road I came to Liedena, which doesn’t have a hotel, but just past it is a large petrol station, and a huge Hostal/bar/cafe/restaurant, called Hotel Complejo Latorre. It must be mainly for the Winter snow traffic, I reckon – but it did have a room. I’ve booked in, and will get dinner and breakfast here too.

My Garmin claims I burned 2,800 calories today. I call BS. Yesterday, a much more physical and demanding ride, took about the same time, but was 55 Km as against today’s 87 Km. Yet yesterday it reckoned I burned 2100 calories. I know which one was harder – their calculation algorithm has too heavy a weighting for distance, and not enough for climbs. I’ve dropped them a note on this – who knows? they might give me a free bike computer….

It’s about 45 Km to Pamplona tomorrow. Should be an easy ride.


See you down the road.


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