Day 63 – Liedena to Pamplona


Dinner was fine; vegie lasagna, fish and vegies, and flan and ice cream;  I waddled to my room, and slept well.

Breakfast was a shocker – one croissant, and a coffee. After I’d eaten that, I went to the snack bar and bought a chocolate pastry and a bottle of OJ.

On the road by 8:30 – no rush as it was only 45 km to Pamplona.  I added five by heading the wrong way from the Hotel – it took me a couple of  Km to note that my shadow was consistently on the wrong side. Checked the map, turned around, and back past the hotel, ont the start of a long uphill grind, following the NA-2420, which broadly follows the motorway.Practically no traffic; a few pilgrims, and several road cyclists.

I stopped for a breather at the top of the climb,


and an English guy, Roger, caught up. He’d come over the mountains from France, and was heading my way – he was also my age, and our pace was similar, so we rode together to Pamplona.


We got a little lost in the suburbs, finishing up in a place called Noain – practically a suburb of Pamplona, which is a much larger city than I expected. We found a hotel near the bullfighting Arena (two rooms) and after a shower we had a wander and a couple of beers. It’s really good just to sit and chat with a fellow cyclist after nearly 8 weeks of solitary cycling. We took a long walk to map our way out of town towards the North coast, found a restaurant, nattered, then back to the hotel. The blog is late, as I’d had a few beers, and it was late – I slept, and have written this this morning.

A very brief bromance – Roger had left by the time I surfaced, heading towards Bilbao.  All I know is he’s Roger Clark, from the Cotswolds – travel well, Roger.

I’ve got several days before my ferry – it leaves Santander on the 26th June – so I had booked two extra nights here. I’ll possibly see Roger in Bilbao when I get there though – I’m on the first available ferry to the UK – it’s a busy service.

Here’s the street the bull run takes place in:-


So. Two more days here. Lots to see.


See you dow the road.

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